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Unlike plays that follow a sequential story or “plot line,” Crowns weaves together a variety of stories from different characters, time periods, and perspectives that, when integrated with music and dance, create a tapestry of voices that transcend time and place.

The essential story of Crowns is that of a young African-American girl trying to figure out her identity, her place in the world, and her place in her own culture. Yolanda is a tough girl from Brooklyn who is proud of her status as a true New Yorker, but when her brother Teddy is shot, Yolanda’s mother sends her to South Carolina to live with her grandmother. Yolanda begins a journey that will link her own experiences to the stories of her relatives, her history, and her people.

Mother Shaw, Yolanda’s grandmother, welcomes her granddaughter into a circle of female spirits who come to life as Wanda, Mabel, Jeanette, and Velma. As they prepare for church on a Sunday morning, they tell stories of their own connections to hats as a part of the rich African-American heritage, but Yolanda defends her affinity for hats and headwear as “her own thing.”

After a dramatically inspiring church service, Yolanda is figuratively baptized into the legacy of these women and all the ancestors who have gone before her.


Crowns The Musical, A Musical Tribute to Black Culture to WOW Louisville Audiences, Featuring Top Talent and Cultural Significance

Louisville, KY - March 12, 2024 - Redline Performing Arts, in collaboration with Kingdom Fellowship Christian Life Center and Roots 101 Museum, proudly announces Crowns The Musical, directed by the esteemed Tyler Tate, alongside Music Directors Troy Bell and Tamia Yates and Choreographer Gina McMilan. This production showcases a stellar cast of Louisville favorites, including Philip Clemons, Erica Yoleeta Goodman, LaShondra Hood, Stephanie Collins, Dedra Reid, Lyric Pickens, and Tasha Wilson-Hatchett.

Crowns The Musical is more than just a theatrical production; it's a celebration of African American culture and womanhood. Through captivating storytelling, soul-stirring music, and vibrant choreography, this production shines a spotlight on the strength, resilience, and heritage of black women, all through the lens of their beloved hats.

This production is part of Redline Performing Arts' #blackgirlsdotheatre campaign, which aims to amplify the voices and stories of black women in the performing arts. Through initiatives like this, Redline Performing Arts is committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within the theater community.

The performances are scheduled as follows:

  • Saturday, May 11th, 2024

    • Venue: Kingdom Fellowship Christian Fellowship

    • Time: 7:30 PM

  • Saturday, May 18th, 2024

    • Venue: Roots 101 Black History Museum

    • Times: 2:00 PM & 7:30 PM

Tickets are on sale now at Additionally, season tickets are available, which include upcoming productions such as and The Color Purple (November 2024).

Join us for an unforgettable evening of music, dance, and celebration with Crowns The Musical. Don't miss your chance to be a part of this cultural event that celebrates the power and beauty of black women's stories.


Marianne Zickuhr

About Redline Performing Arts:
Redline Performing Arts is committed to providing high-quality theatrical experiences that reflect the diversity and richness of our West Louisville community.


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