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RPA’s resident artist is a 18+ pre-professional or professional artist who has an ongoing and dedicated relationship with RPA. The ideal artist is committed to the mission and vision of RPA and desires a mutually beneficial working relationship. 


    • RPA gave over 75 paid performance opportunities in 2022-2023.

    • Our resident artists will be first in line for paid performance opportunities in the community and in RPA’s mainstage productions. 


    • Resident Artists will have a voice in the shaping of RPA’s future including potential mainstage shows, cabarets, and other performances

    • Resident Artists will support the continued cultivation of RPA’s culture and will be ambassadors for the organization.


    • Resident Artists will not be required to participate in general auditions and automatically be invited to attend callbacks.


    • Resident artists must be willing and able to prioritize RPA educational opportunities when available. Most workshops and classes will be free of charge to resident artists and they are expected to attend when free. 

    • External workshop opportunities (Dance Theatre of Harlem, T3, Collage Dance Collective, and more.)


    • Resident artists will have many opportunities to receive free and discounted tickets to productions and events representing RPA. 


    • Resident artists will have access to RPA rehearsal spaces when available. 


What else can you expect?

- Artistic Collaboration: They collaborate with the theater's artistic team, including directors, designers, and other artists, to contribute to the creation of theatrical productions. This can include acting, directing, designing sets or costumes, choreographing, composing music, or any other artistic role in the theater.

-Artistic Development: RPA’s artistic team will aim to support the artistic development of the artist. This may involve providing resources for them to explore and expand their skills, experiment with new ideas, or engage in professional development. Our team is also committed to advising our Resident Artists on bringing their ideas to life by consulting on new projects created by resident artists. 

-Community Engagement: Resident artists may also participate in most educational classes free of charge.

-Regular Contributions: Resident Artists are expected to regularly contribute to the theater's productions, either by performing in shows, assisting with design, or other artistic contributions as specified in their residency agreement.

-Financial Support: RPA will work to find paid opportunities for artists not only internally but externally as well. 

The specific terms and conditions of the RPA residency can vary widely, and the purpose of the program may vary from one person to another. The goal is to foster artistic growth, strengthen the connection between the artist and RPA, and enhance RPA's artistic output by having dedicated and skilled artists as part of their creative team.



Resident Artists must complete an agreement prior to the start date.

Resident artists will adhere to the guidelines set forth in the RPA Company Manual. 

Resident artists will participate in two outreach events per year.

Residents artists will be asked to perform at community fairs and events.

Resident artists will set up bi-monthly check ins with the Associate Director, Experience 

Resident artists will communicate major scheduling conflicts in advance. 

Resident artists will be expected to volunteer 20 hours per year outside of performance roles. 


January 2024 - December 2024

Next Steps
Those interested should complete the online application and will receive an interview with RPA Artistic Team members in November or December 2023. A public announcement will be made in January 2024. 

Complete the Application here.

Questions? Email

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