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Rehearsals Begin: January 8, 2024

Book by: Lisa B. Thompson

Cast Size: 4 (both roles will be double cast)

Pay: All cast members will be paid $250.00 

  • Feb 2024 (23 @ 7:30pm, 24 @ 2 and 7:30pm, 25 @ 2)

    • Single Black Female 

      • Director: Brandi LaShay

      • Stage Manager: Alexis Morales

      • Asst. Stage Manager: Shauntrice Wilson 

      • Sound Designer: Catherine Emrich

      • Props: Shauntrice and Catherine

      • Lighting Designer: TBD

      • Costumes: Cicily Bullard, Dani Delvescovo-Bodine


  • Location: The Mex Theater, Kentucky Performing Arts


Single Black Female is a Full-Length play written by Lisa B. Thompson. This two-woman dramatic comedy explores the archetype of the single Black Woman to reveal and confront the challenges of how single Black womanhood exists in society. 


The two women featured in this show flow through a series of rhythmic comedic vignettes as middle-class Black American women, a voice that is often underutilized in theatrical comedies. Though the women have obviously obtained a degree of success, the topic of love is used to spearhead a revealing of intimate inner thoughts such as; dignity, dating, self-worth, self-esteem, motherhood, personal anxieties, education, status, media representations, and unforgettable personal experiences. Despite the women’s desire for love, Single Black Female is a refreshing reinterpretation of culture re-told and re-imagined through the lens of Black women’s uncensored creativity and sense of humor. 


SBF1: An African American woman. A lit professor with locs and a bookish, androgynous style accented with “Afrocentric” accessories. She wears clogs and eccentric eyeglasses. 


SBF2: An African American woman. An attorney who sports a flowing perm or hair weave and wears high heels and sexy business suits. She is SBF1’s best friend, confidante and alter ego.


Some character descriptions will shift to suit the actors cast in the show. 


  • DATES:

  • Tech Rehearsals: 

    • Sunday February 18 (Load In) 12pm-9pm

    • Monday February 19 2pm-10pm

    • Tuesday February 20 2pm-10pm

    • Wednesday February 21 2pm-10pm

    • Thursday February 22 2pm-10pm

  • Performances:

    • Friday February 23 @ 7:30pm

    • Saturday February 24 @ 2pm and 7:30pm

    • Sunday February 25 @ 2pm

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